A Web with Crypto at the Core

A new kind of web is emerging

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes for a long time now and are just starting to take Cortex out for people to learn and understand. Cortex is building a new kind of web that has crypto at the core.

What does that mean?

  1. A better web. In addition to a web of addresses with links between them, there’ll now be a web of keys that are linked to each other and to web addresses in new ways. Keys can link. We’ll call these blockchain links, or “blinks.” That means a lot of new ways of creating and linking content with assets and transactions. Keys create spaces with human-readable names just like websites. Build rooms for your assets.
  2. Better security. Security is built in at the root of each page and data element and will thwart many kinds of attacks. In fact, our company page is already up in a decentralized environment. Decentralized data on IPFS and a decentralized DNS with Butterfly Protocol.
  3. Better privacy and data control. Your data is yours before you publish in your notes, and after you publish. No 3rd party has access to them.
  4. Better NFT experiences. You can build rooms to display your art out of these key-linked pages.
  5. Better social experiences. Publish a page, anyone can comment, but you can decide which comments you see based on your social network.

That’s just a few.

Check out some of our twitter handle at @app_cortex and podcast below to learn more. We’ll keep it coming.




An app for contextual thinking. Create new meaning.

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An app for contextual thinking. Create new meaning.

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