Ape.Cloud: Web3 for humans and apes

Cortex on YouBase
3 min readNov 24, 2022

It’s time to give NFTs a voice.

Cortex Network is launching a web3 content sharing network with highly evolved domain names, .ape. These full NFT domains allow NFTs to become the voice of their owners, sharing content as part of the history of the NFT. You can set your NFT art to your .ape domain NFT and now your NFT can start publishing, communicating and collaborating about any topic and any other domain. Apes can talk to each other! The .ape domains represent you and what you say, not through some app, but as part of the history of the NFT itself. You can register for a chance to get one of these domains at ape.cloud.

You’ll even be able to mint your NFT projects as .ape subdomains, giving NFT projects new ways to collaborate natively. These .apes domains are just the beginning to a new breed of NFTs and come with ape.cloud ENS domains as a special bonus. Additionally, .ape domains and subdomains can be charged with other crypto assets and NFTs via our Charged Particles collaboration.

How does it work?

The NFT owner’s keys and the the NFT itself are combined to create a unique crypto-based content environment where the content is provably owned by the NFT owner. Because each piece of content has a key that is provably part of the owner’s environment, users own the content they create. The content lives on IPFS, but we abstract away all the difficult stuff so that everything acts very much like a normal web page and normal URL.

Cortex Press is the web-based publishing tool that will allow users to publish to this environment. Cortex Press currently publishes to an a single node it what will become multi-node decentralized and highly scalable content environment we’ll be launching in 2023. Each content update is signed, but publishers in the network will combine multiple content updates into single transactions on chain using a new kind of highly scalable binary search hash trie, HD Index.

Much, but certainly no all, of the secret sauce is in the HDName, the namespace, where keys are derived using new kinds of information such that keys resolve with in a kind of directory structure. Then HDIndex, a new kind of searchable index that makes it possible to do both sequential and key-based lookups. Together, these provide a way to write information to cryptographic keys in a semantic structure that’s highly scalable and efficient.

What happens if you sell your NFT domain? Although the environment is based on a combination of key and NFT (as well as a privacy code and topics you discuss), the content created will remain under the control of you, the key-holder. Because you can comment about different topics, what you wrote as your NFT in the past, that content becomes what you wrote about the NFT domain after you are no longer the owner.

Through all of this the key holder is the owner and controller of the content: your keys, your content! The launch of publishing content in this environment marks the launch of natively Web3 content!

All apes are welcome, get your domain today and build your digital kingdom!