Crypto built into everything for a fraction of the cost

Soon crypto will be built into every piece of data, bringing huge benefits in security and economics.

Early this week, one of our Co-founders, Leonard Kish, sat down to chat with Toufi Saliba, a true crypto pioneer, about digital assets on a new crypto-enabled web.

In the future we are building, we will have a web with crypto built into the fabric of everything. Here we discuss how all of crypto is really NFTs, and how we can create a world where NFTs are essentially 0 cost and every web page and social interaction has a crypto address as well as a web address/ universal ID.

We’ll soon have crypto built into everything for nearly 0 cost. That will mean an authentic internet with users in control and a much more free flow of value. We’ll be doing more of these chats very soon.




An app for contextual thinking. Create new meaning.

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Cortex on YouBase

Cortex on YouBase

An app for contextual thinking. Create new meaning.

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